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Slow Cooker Tips - Near the end

  • Stir in spices for the last hour of cooking. They will lose flavour if cooked with the rest of the ingredients for the long cooking period.
  • Add tender vegetables like tomatoes, mushrooms and courgette during the last 45 minutes of cooking time so they don't overcook.
  • You can thicken the juices and concentrate flavours by removing the lid and cooking on HIGH for the last half hour of cooking time.

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Posted 814 days ago
I have just bought a slow cooker and am finding it all a bit overwhelming? How would I cook a chicken in it, also a beef stew and dumplings. I am waiting for a book to arrive. Thanks.
Posted 1454 days ago
Just recently found this site and have found some great recipes on here and some really good information on slow cookers...thankyou so much
Posted 1547 days ago
would like a nice creamy turkey curry recipe, if anyone knows a good one...thanks
Posted 1634 days ago
place a large topside or silver side joint in then cover with water add 2- 3 oxo cubes and leave for about 16 to 19 hours on low(or just put it in the night before),the meat comes out braised and falls apart like string add bisto or corn flour to thicken the water afterward this makes the perfect gravey uuummm yum yum
Posted 1642 days ago
just found this site love it
Posted 1904 days ago
I have only just started using a slow cooker and would like to know if it will cook pulses successfully. Can you cook pulses such as beans and chick peas combined with meat? I have a lot of my mother's Spanish casserole recipes which I usually make in the pressure cooker and I would like to try them in the slow cooker.
Posted 1920 days ago
Anne . . . To answer your question, vegetables cook slowly. Cut them 1/8-1/4-inch slices and place them near the bottom of the Crock-Pot or for thicker sliced veggies, simply microwave the vegetables in a microwave safe Pyrex measuring cup with a Tbsp. or two of water until they are crisp tender before adding them to the crock-pot.
Posted 1930 days ago
I have recently purchased a slow cooker and have only tried a few dishes so far. I am finding that when i do a stew, the meat is lovely but the vegetables don't seem to be totally cooked. Am I doing something wrong....tips please!
Posted 1941 days ago
hi guys, I'm new to all this slow cooking business, but as a student slow cooking could be a healthier and less-hassle way of cooking, so I am keen to learn. I love a good curry and would be appreciative if somebody could comment a good curry recipe to this site and what meats are 1. cheapest to use and 2. cook best in a slow cooker. Thanks :)
Posted 1961 days ago
put beef joint in to slow cook two hrs on high, seven on low. no fluids to be added dont lift lid. remember a roast is better in an oven. slow cooked meats fall apart and taste great
Posted 1961 days ago
put gammon in after soaking for one hour, do not add water. jiuces will come out during cooking, after 9 hrs skin will be very soft just peel off meat will be great. put small piece of gammon in cooker with water split peas and whatever you like cook on high for four hrs and low for three to five hours depending on how much you put in
Posted 1961 days ago
put gammon in after soaking for one hour, do not add water. jiuces will come out during cooking, after 9 hrs skin will be very soft just peel off meat will be great. put small piece of gammon in cooker with water split peas and whatever you like cook on high for four hrs and low for three to five hours depending on how much you put in
Posted 1966 days ago
Right so I am new to slow cooking - but I want to cook a piece of beef for xmas in mine. I have bought one to have a trial run - do I put it on low or high? What liquid should I use? How long should it take? HELP (thanks)
Posted 1973 days ago
Gammon is excellent in the slow cooker. Put in a pan of cold water and bring to the boil then place in slow cooker. Empty water from pan and add a sliced onion and about half pint of apple juice - heat until boiling then add to slow cooker. When it's done (about 5 hours I think) you can thicken the sauce with cornflour. Delicious!
Posted 1977 days ago
i wouldn't wrap beef in tinfoil in the slow cooker, personally it's great without wrapping!
tommy g
Posted 1977 days ago
can you wrap beef in tinfoil and cook in slow cooker
Posted 1989 days ago
only came across this site now..love it!!!!
Posted 1992 days ago
new to slow cooking, can Gammon be cooked in the slow cooker, if so any tips or recipes
Posted 1995 days ago
If the recipe says no water, then stick with it. i can guarantee that the roast will be succulent and moist even without water.
Posted 1995 days ago
im cooking a roast do i put water in the slow cooker frist or not no water
Posted 2023 days ago
Love this site, and my slow cooker! x
Posted 2123 days ago
Hi Hayley, I would not put water in. That way, you will get a really rich stock at the end of it. I have done this with beef ribs and it comes out moist tender and lots of delicious stock.
Posted 2123 days ago
hi everyone i want to cook a jooint of beef in my slow cooker overnight....how much water do i put in it
Posted 2193 days ago
Hi, one of my pals has just got a slow cooker and wondered what he could do with it. I think you will probably answer all his questions, thanks.
Posted 2241 days ago
can you cook a gamon joint
Posted 2248 days ago
can u cook chilli con carni or spag boll in a slow cooker .
Posted 2250 days ago
has anyone got a good chickeen recipe?????
Posted 2272 days ago
can you put frozen cooked beef in your slow cooker
Posted 2273 days ago
Need a good chicken curry recipe can anyone help
Posted 2287 days ago
I cook porridge overnight by using my slow cooker. Place porridge in plastic boiling bowl with lid, add 1 x milk, 1 1/2 times water and surround bowl with water. Leave overnight - in the morning you have lovely creamy porridge.
Posted 2292 days ago
Hi Teresa, I have added the option to print the recipe. You will find the printer icon next to the star ratings near the top of the page. let me know if there are any problems.
Posted 2293 days ago
I have been trying to print some of the receipes on this site but after printing several when I tried to continue a message came up saying that I didn't have permission to print., I tried to re print a receipe that I had already printed but the same message came up! Why is this?
Posted 2295 days ago
I would like to cook oranges to make marmalade. Anyone done this and how much liquid do I need to cook, say 3lbs of fruit.?
Posted 2306 days ago
We're without a kitchen currently, as it's being renovated, I decided to buy a slow cooker, as obviously cooking is limited currently, to a microwave..... no space for much either. Decided to do a bolognaise in there, will worry about how to cook the spaghetti at a later date. I've prepared it & it's all in the slow cooker now........ haven't a clue how long I should expect it to take to cook, it'll be a case of having to test it after some hours.
Posted 2313 days ago
I have some left over roasted beef, which is as tough as 'old boots' as the saying goes. Could I put this in the slow cooker and add say, a drop of red wine and possibly onion and cook it almost as if I was cooking raw meat, or would it toughen up even more. Any help gratefully appreciated.
Posted 2342 days ago
we had a slow cooker for a present and used it for the first time today the meat was very tasty never tasted any meat as nice as that was because the last time we had beef it was as tough as old boots this was delicious
Posted 2342 days ago
can i cook with yogurt and pepper sauce to flavour steak
Posted 2356 days ago
try microwaving for beautiful light sponges and puddings. Just put sultanas in mixture or syrup, jam or chocolate at the bottom of the bowl.
Posted 2357 days ago
Can I steam puddings in slow ccooker
Posted 2362 days ago
Barbara, Have done a whole chicken twice and a friend has done leg of lamb. For chicken you don't need a lot of water at all as it will release its own juices as it cooks. Lamb needs a touch more water but again not lots. I do my vegetables with the chicken and put it them in the oven for 30 minutes while I roast the potatoes just to crisp the skin up[ a bit. Fabulous!
Posted 2362 days ago
Hi Karen, I have added dumplings to my beef stew right at the start and they still cooked beautifully. A lot of recipies say to add them in the last half to one hour of cooking but as I am out most of the day and can't afford to keep my 3 year old waiting 30 minutes for his tea, I just make them and put them on top of the other ingredients.
Posted 2364 days ago
Hello i am wondering if it is possible to add dumplings to my slow cooker stew i am making and if so when do i put them in thanks to thoses of you who answer
Posted 2370 days ago
I am using my slow cooker for the first time today, I have put a roast of beef in it, with some stock, I hope it works, my beef is normally tuff as old boots when I do it in the oven. I will keep you posted.
Posted 2375 days ago
Tricia....I put potatoes in mine!! :-))
Posted 2382 days ago
Can I cook a whole leg of lamb or a chicken in a slow cooker
Posted 2385 days ago
can you cook rice in a slow cooker be it savoury or sweet ?
Posted 2386 days ago
i'm a slow cooker novice and there wasn't a book/leaflet with the cooker i bought...........do i have to add water to everything ie....roast lamb/beef/chicken....and i was told i couldnt cook potato with stews?
Posted 2410 days ago
sharon - recipie for choc and orange rice pudding. 100g pudding rice, 2 pints milk, 2oz cocoa powder, 2oz caster sugar, rind + juice of 2 oranges. lightly butter inside of slow cooker dish, put in all ingredients + stir, cook on low for 4-5 hours. - if you take out the choc+ orange it should be normal rice pudding. good luck.
Posted 2411 days ago
Can someone help me plz. Can i cook rice pudding in a slow cooker and how.
Posted 2413 days ago
can you cook mince
Posted 2499 days ago
can I cook bones for stock in my slow cooker& for how long?
Posted 2547 days ago
Roasted meat has the best flavour in the slow cooker, and contrary to what the article above says, you do not need to add any liquid when roasting because the juices that come out of the meat keep it lovely and moist. Place the meat on an upturned plate to keep it from sitting in the juices.
Posted 2547 days ago
David, you can make cakes and puddings in your slow cooker.
Posted 2547 days ago
Sue, try cutting your vegetables smaller, or put them on the bottom of your cooker and add the meat on top. I have never had a problem with meat going tough by cooking it longer. If anything, it falls apart the longer you leave it.
Posted 2574 days ago
do you have to use such language to express yourselves? if you cant write something without the need for swearing, then just don't bother.
Posted 2586 days ago
My problem is my stew meat gets done before the vegetables in the slow cooker and therefore ends up very tough! How do others avoid this when they are not able to be home and take the meat out sooner?
Thanks for any opinions!
Posted 2628 days ago
another one is curry, i prep mine the night before, put everything in the pot and put in fridge, in the morning i simply put the pot in its holder and switch on. i get home from work and it's dun, piece 'o' piss.
Sue Richardson
Posted 2634 days ago
Can I cook dumplings in my slow cooker? If so how long will they take to cook
Posted 2634 days ago
You can - if you follow the recipes that come with the slow cooker itself. I've done it and they are delicious. Bit of a bind though - the oven is faster !
Posted 2636 days ago
Bollocks, you cant bake cakes in a slow cooker

Slow Cooker Recipes

What Can You Do with a Slow Cooker?

Slow cookers are electrically heated devices that can be used to cook a variety of foods over an extended period. This not only leads to juicer, more flavourful dishes, but also helps you save time. There are countless recipes available for cooking with slow cookers. Most of these focus on meat dishes like stews and soups. However, there is actually a wide array of foods that can be easily prepared in a slow cooker.

One of the most popular ways of using a slow cooker is to prepare tough cuts of meat. These cuts are generally cheaper to buy because of the difficulty of preparing them. However, with a slow cooker, the meat is tenderised by the extended heating process. This makes them tastier and easier to chew. Some of the best, budget friendly, cuts of meat to use with a slow cooker are chuck steak, lamb shanks, pork shoulder, and skirt steak.

In addition to the meats mentioned above, poultry is a very popular option for slow cooking. You can use virtually every part of a chicken or turkey for slow cooking. However, pieces still attached to the bone work best, especially for broth-based dishes. So, choosing drumsticks or thighs are a great choice for a slow cooker recipe.

Whatever type of meat you choose, you will always want to cook it in some sort of liquid to prevent drying. Your best options for this are water, stock, broth, or cooking wine. To add flavour, various herbs and spices can be used. Dried or fresh options work great and their flavours will truly come out over the long cooking process

Aside from meats, other additions can be put in a slow cooker to complete a main course in a single pot. Vegetables are the most obvious option and any variety may be used. You can also add grains to your meal such as pasta or rice. However, recipes incorporating these ingredients should include modified temperatures and cook times to accommodate the grains.

Dinner is not the only meal you can prepare in a slow cooker. In fact, there are a number of excellent breakfast choices that can be expertly prepared using this appliance. The most common slow cooked breakfast is oatmeal. It can take a long time to prepare fresh cut whole oats. However, this process is simplified by using a slow cooker. Your best bet is to get some old fashioned steel cut oats and cook them with some milk, cinnamon, nutmeg, and fruit. Leave it overnight for 7 to 9 hours and youíll have a great breakfast ready in the morning.

Donít stop with breakfast, though. There are plenty of other things you can cook in a slow cooker. You can even bake cakes using this one appliance. All you need to do is add the ingredients and cook for roughly 90 minutes. Turn the cooker over and youíll have a perfectly round cake come out. You can also prepare hot beverages, like mulled cider, which is great for holidays or cold nights.


Slow Cooker Tip - Frozen Foods

  • Experts recommend you do not put frozen foods in the slow cooker. All foods should be defrosted before cooking so the food temperature can reach 60C as soon as possible. However, since none of my family members are in a high-risk group, I often cook frozen foods in the slow cooker. The informed choice is up to you.

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