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Guide to Slow Cooking Furred Game Animals

Many people are wary of using game meat because they are unfamiliar with the varieties available. Furred game animals commonly include wild boar, deer, elk, caribou, moose, hare, and rabbit. Boar is an exceptionally lean, dark meat with a pungent flavour. Due to its low fat content, the meat can tend to be dry. However, when slow cooked, it comes out moist and juicy. This can be further enhanced by marinating boar meat in an oil-based mixture.

Slow Cooking Furred Game Animals

Meanwhile, meat from antlered creatures, known as venison, comes in much greater varieties. The type of animal and cut chosen will help guide your cooking method. In general, deer venison is most popular as it is quite lean. However, other varieties tend to have a more powerful flavour. Finally, hare and rabbit are smaller game animals with quite different flavours and textures. Rabbit meat is light in colour and has a mild flavour. In contrast, hare meat has an intense game flavour and is a dark colour.

Furred game is an excellent way to add some variety to your favourite slow cooker recipes. Meat from these animals can be easily substituted from similar cuts of common meat choices. For example, boar and pig are so similar that boar meat can be directly substituted into a pork recipe. Similarly, rabbit meat can be used in lieu of chicken, and beef can be replaced with venison, which is meat from an antlered creature like a deer or elk.

In general, game animals taste best when slow cooked through either a braising or stewing method. These techniques are especially moist and will help the meat become succulent and tender. However, other techniques can be used for certain cuts of game meat. For example, venison loin and fillet pieces taste best when slow roasted and served somewhat rare. In contrast, rabbit and hare meat can be effectively steamed or cooked in a casserole. | Recipe Resources | Privacy | Disclaimer