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Guide to Slow Cooking Fruit

Many people tend to overlook fruit s as viable ingredients for slow cooking. However, this method is actually ideal for preparing fruit sauces, side dishes, and desserts. Before starting your fruit dish, though, be sure to properly prepare your ingredients. This means thoroughly washing all your fruit. Depending on your recipe of choice, you may also need to peel, chop, or core the fruit as well.

Slow Cooking Fruit

Fruit can be prepared in a variety of ways in the slow cooker. One popular technique is poaching, which is especially good for autumn fruits like pears and figs. This involves cooking the fruit in hot syrup. A variation of this technique is simple stewing, which slow cooks fruit in liquid. This is great for apples, berries, and rhubarb. You can also use apples to create “baked” dishes in the slow cooker. This is simple to do and means cooking the whole fruit in a small amount of liquid. Another popular fruit dish prepared in the slow cooker is the compote. Fruit compote makes a great dessert and consists of fruits cooked in syrup for roughly an hour. The cooking time is evenly distributed between high and low heat, helping the fruit achieve a sweet, tender composition. The compote can be served either hot or cold, and some people even enjoy it as a breakfast dish. Cobblers and crumbles are also exceptionally popular recipes. Although commonly prepared in the oven, you can achieve amazing results by choosing to make these desserts in a slow cooker. For cobblers, it is often easier to start with canned fruit in a bit of syrup. All you really need to do is mix your topping and let the whole thing cook. Crumbles are essentially prepared in the same way, but use fresh fruit and some light liquid base. | Recipe Resources | Privacy | Disclaimer