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Simple Guide on Making Slow Cooker Curries

Curry is one of the most popular recipe in the world. It has an amazing taste that will surely captures the heart of many. As a result, individuals are in desperate pursuit of the best method to prepare the curry recipe. With the advancement in technology, there are several methods that you can use to prepare the recipe. All in all, it is important to understand that the choice of a slow cooker is the best to turn to. The option makes the meal more tender and delicious.

The best thing about slow cooker is the fact that almost anything can be fixed within minutes. You can prepare the ingredients in the evening and have then ready first in the morning. All that is needed is a refrigerator to keep contents fresh and a cooker to prepare the recipe. It usually take 8 hours to cook curries in a slow cooker. However, the results are definitely worth the wait.

There are several options to prepare a curry recipes using slow cooker. Most recipes are made using eggs, fish, chicken, pork or lamb. Skinless and boneless meat is perfect for curry. For easier sauce penetration, you need to slice the meat into pieces. With slow cookers the curry has more time to permeate into the meat giving a much more intense flavour.

Curry powder or curry paste is inevitable in this process. However, curry powder and curry paste are not interchangeable. Curry powder is usually a mix of cloves, turmeric, chillies, coriander seeds and other various spices while curry paste has no turmeric, it is consist of tomatoes, fresh corriander, fresh garlic and chillies. Curry powders are always Indian in essence while paste can be either Indian or Thai. Thai curries is more popular than Indian curries, it has kafir lime leaves, tamarinds, chillies, lemon grass and more.

Before you settle with curry powder or curry paste, you must have to understand the kind of curry you are making. Curry powder and curry paste are 2 different sets of ingredients. If you substitute one for the other, the dish might be different from the original. You may not notice it in a glance, but once you taste it, you surely know the difference.

Many people prefer to cook curry in a slow cooker. But whether a curry is prepared using other methods, the variation occurs when it comes to spicing. Curry is more flavourful when cooked in a slow cooker. There are over a thousand flavours in curry developed in various cuisines. To come up with the thick irresistible dish that combines salty and sweet flavours, the right choice of spices has to be made first hand.


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