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Guide to Slow Cooking Beef

Beef is one of the most versatile ingredients and is used in traditional dishes around the world. A great array of beef cuts can be used in cooking. However, not all of these are suited for traditional broiling, grilling, or stir frying methods. Consequently, these tougher cuts are frequently underutilised. However, by employing a slow cooker, you can make delicious beef dishes with even the cheapest cuts of meat. This ultimately saves you money and helps demonstrate your cooking skill.

Beef Cuts

Most cuts of beef can be easily turned into a tender, succulent stew using your slow cooker. However, those that are most commonly used are pieces from the neck, shoulder, or lower leg. These cuts are less tender and therefore preferred by slow cooker users. Since the slow cooker heats beef over a longer period and retains moisture within the pot, the meat comes out juicy and tender despite its firmer cut. Slow cooking also allows beef to better absorb flavours from herbs and spices. Therefore, marinating prior to preparing is unnecessary.

Pot Roast

There are some staple dishes that are commonly prepared using the slow cooking method. One of these is pot roast. Chuck steak is a popular choice for preparing this dish as it contains just enough fat to add a savory flavour while still being lean enough to compliment a healthy diet. Brisket is another popular cut for a pot roast and is best tenderised by a slow cooker. Most pot roasts are prepared with root vegetables and traditional fall flavours. However, variations can include fruits, like apples and cherries, or Italian tomatoes and herbs.

Beef Stews

Stews are also popular beef dishes and can be exceptionally delicious when slow cooked. There are no real rules when it comes to making a stew, and the ingredients and flavours selected vary greatly. Many stew recipes boast Eastern European origins and include potatoes, carrots, and other hearty vegetables. They also include traditional seasonings like paprika or sage. Other stews can be made with Mediterranean flavours and feature oregano, lemon, and other tastes. <Try our slow cooker beef rib stew recipe>

Chili in Slow Cookers

Finally, chili is an excellent slow cooker meal and can be easily made with ground beef, beans, and vegetables. By cooking chili in a slow cooker, the flavours will be bolder. Consequently, you will not need to use as much spices and salt to achieve the taste you desire. This is great for anyone watching their cholesterol. Plus, slow cooker chili comes out thicker and heartier than their stove-top counterparts.


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