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Making Desserts in your Slow Cooker

Most people think of savory dishes when they think of slow cookers, but you can use your slow cooker to make delectable desserts too, and most of them are quite easy. Even recipes that are normally baked, such as banana bread, cobblers, and carrot cake have been adapted to work in your slow cooker, and they always turn out moist and mouth watering. Many slow cooker dessert recipes are perfect for those chilly nights when a warm dessert is exactly what you want after dinner. You’ll be happy to share these delicious slow cooker dessert dishes with your guests as well as your family.


Chocolate particularly lends itself to slow cooker techniques, because scorching chocolate is the most common way of ruining a chocolate dessert. Cooked covered, usually on a Low setting, chocolate desserts come out warm, rich, and outstandingly delicious when made in a slow cooker. Chocolate pudding is a natural for the slow cooker. You will be amazed at what a good cook you are with your slow cooker, even if you consider yourself to be “baking impaired.”

Fruit Cobblers and Crisps

Fruit crisps are another class of desserts that do wonderfully in your slow cooker. Whether it’s a rhubarb crisp that goes lovely with a beef main dish, or a mixed fruit crisp that takes advantage of the soft fruits of summer, fruit-based desserts behave remarkably well cooked in a slow cooker. The same is true of cobblers. If you go blackberry picking, freeze some for later: few things are better on a cold winter’s evening than warm blackberry cobbler topped with a scoop of ice cream and accompanied by a delicious cup of coffee.


Yes, you can make cakes in your slow cooker as well! In fact there are a number of recipes for cakes that “magically” make their own topping. It’s not like making a traditional cake, so you won’t have to worry about wobbly layers, or your cake collapsing in the middle. In fact most slow cooker cake recipes are extremely easy to make – even for beginners!


Featured Dessert Recipe:Super Soy Chocolate Fondue

Slow Cooker Tip - Cooking Desserts

  • It’s best to use a small rack or vegetable steamer when making a cake in your slow cooker to lift it off the bottom. This helps heat circulate more evenly.
  • If your slow cooker doesn’t have a baking rack, crumple aluminium foil and place it on the bottom, underneath the baking insert to help heat circulate when making cakes that need to be raised from the bottom of the cooker.
  • You need at larger slow cooker for making most cakes. A 5 litre model will usually hold a cake or springform pan.
  • Though sometimes it’s hard to resist when you’re making a delectable dessert, only lift the lid to check if your dessert is done. Lifting it too often will allow too much heat to escape.

    Desserts usually take much less time in the slow cooker than meats, stews, and main dishes, so plan accordingly.

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