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Pressure cooker recipes
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Posted 285 days ago
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Posted 381 days ago
can i roast chiken in slow cooker?
Posted 532 days ago
how long do you cook gammon for please
Posted 975 days ago
Why do my potatoes never cook in a slow cooker ? always hard as anything.
Posted 1651 days ago
It would be really helpful if the recipes indicated whether they can be frozen or not, and whether it's at any particular stage of the recipe.
Posted 1833 days ago
Posted 1836 days ago
Hi, i just bought a slow cooker from Asda (their own make) it has 2 settings high and low...i haven't used it as yet but am finding this site and everyones comments very helpful...Am looking forward to using my appliance and will endeavor to add my comments whether the outcome good or bad.
Posted 1865 days ago
Our family has just gteton on to bulk cooking/freezer cooking. I have your book and I love it! The only thing is we don't like onion soup mix, so I replace with real onions and oxo. Keep up the good work ladies!
Posted 2172 days ago
i found that its best to start cooking on high for 2-3 hrs then on low, also if putting water in for soups or stews or whatever, make sure its boiling straight from the kettle. yes, if you fill your slow cooker then what you dont eat can be frozen for when you want it again.
Posted 2184 days ago
after cooking can you freeze what hasnt been eaten?
Posted 2465 days ago
Yes, I noticed that. It seems that individual slow cookers will vary so its good to get to know your cooker.
Posted 2465 days ago
Hi, first time on this site, got some great tips, but it says cook on low, I tried this once and my casserole was not ready after 8 hours, the next time i done one i put it on high and it was perfect, has anyone else notcied this.
Posted 2490 days ago
try putting the potatoes and veg on the bottom with the stock then lay your meat on top that way the veg will cook quicker whilst your meat cooks and absorbs the stock and veg juices.
Posted 2549 days ago
used slow cooker for the first time to cook lamb chops with pots, onion and carrots in a bisto gravy. after 8 hours on low heat the chops were lovely and tender but the veg not cooked. any tips?
Posted 2568 days ago
Cooking time remains the same regardless of quantity.
New Yorker
Posted 2568 days ago
When using a recipe do i lessen the cooking time for 2 if using a 4 serve recipe?
New Yorker
Posted 2568 days ago
Can i cook a meal in the slow cooker and eat it the next day.
Posted 2574 days ago
made a stew yesterday in my new slow cooker and it was great. threw in veg as well. dumplings i made as usual and put them in and they swelled up and cooked beautifully.just had to make sure they were covered with the stock.
Posted 2574 days ago
When I cook a beef stew I would like to add dumplings.
Posted 2579 days ago
im wiyh you gibby want to do a chicken worried it wont brown im gona put a wee bit of stocken in and see what happens here goes
Posted 2581 days ago
like you am a novice...1st attempt to-day. If you click on "seasoning your recipes" and go to the bottom of the page it says you can leave the lid off for the last hour to thicken a sauce, good luck
Posted 2581 days ago
Help, im new to this style of cooking. how can i thicken caserole recipes. if im cooking in a conventional oven i use corn flour, can this be used in a slow cooker?
Posted 2589 days ago
wanting to cook a extra large chicken and dont know if i need to put a stock in with it?
Posted 2594 days ago
My beef always used to come out tough too until I used the high setting instead of the low and it worked. Lovely tender beef always now
Posted 2605 days ago
My beef stew always comes out tough even though I cook it for 8 hours and brown first. Last time we even cooked it at high the first hour. I've tried different recipes too. What are we doing wrong?
Posted 2607 days ago
is prefrying absolutely necessary? if can be avoided, what i the alternative... As all mortals my time is very restricted......
Babsy- Garlic lover
Posted 2801 days ago
Jamie, do people really do that !!! eeekk....
Jamie Oliver
Posted 2811 days ago
Dont put your slow cooker in the dishwasher. The bowl part is ok but not the electrical component, ok? Pukka!

Slow Cooker Recipes

General Recipe Tips

General Recipe Tips

Many websites and recipe books provide great ideas for what foods to make in your slow cooker. However, you can also adapt some of your favourite recipes to your new appliance. The biggest change you will want to make to an existing recipe is the amount of liquid used. Since slow cookers retain liquid better than an open pot, you can usually reduce the amount called for by up to half. Also, the cooking time will obviously be longer when using a slow cooker. The best way to know how long a dish will take is to find a similar slow cooker version of your recipe.

Slow Cookers are SLOOOOW

Slow cookers are, naturally, slow. However, you can try to lessen a dish’s cooking time if you are in a bind. A general rule of thumb is that high heat settings cook food roughly twice as quickly as low heat settings. For dishes like soups and stews, the higher heat should not cause too much harm to your recipe. However, you will want to be careful when trying to speed up desserts or larger meat dishes, like roasts. Another option is to find a recipe that lets you do part of the cooking on the stove or in the oven prior to adding ingredients to the crock pot. This can help you create a tasty meal in less time.

Avoid Lifting the Lid

Creating a successful dish with a slow cooker is relatively easy. However, there are a few tips you can follow to ensure high-quality results. First and foremost, avoid lifting the slow cooker’s lid during heating. It may be tempting to smell, stir, or taste your dish, but the lid is what helps keep in moisture and flavour. Also, removing the lid causes considerable heat loss and will extend cooking time.

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