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Posted 64 days ago
Posted 64 days ago
Michelle W
Posted 242 days ago
I've had my slow cooker for 2 years and use it every day as I don't have a cooker/oven. All I have is slow cooker, halogen oven, George Foreman grill and my microwave. We eat healthier cos I'm not buying pre-packaged meals and its costing less because I'm buying fresh, the taste is amazing. We did a whole chicken yesterday for the first time just rubbed in garlic and oh my god it was fantastic. I'm going to get a bigger one so that I can make more to freeze when I can't be bothered in the morning to put it on. We've even cooked the veg in it before and cauliflower was delicious.
dominik simin
Posted 1734 days ago
I'm afraid I have no idea who runs this site, I came across it accidentally, at the end of a very long day. I bought my slow cooker yesterday. about 16 hours ago, tried out a minestrone recipe, it was awful. So I have spent the last 6-7 hours searching for free slow cooker recipes and have ended up here. Thank You-whoever is responsible for the site. As Arnie said "I'll be back".
Posted 2060 days ago
Hi Mal, the slow cooker should not be boiling unless there is a problem with it. Does it do it on LOW setting as well?
Posted 2060 days ago
I bought a Breville 3.5L slow cooker about a year ago but unfortunately very shortly afterwards my husband became ill and died. I have only just got the cooker out again and find the lid lifts a bit, as if on a stove. Is this right. I accept it is probably out of warranty but would it be ok to put something heavy on top to keep it tight.
sonia evans
Posted 2090 days ago
just brought my slow cooker dont know what to try first there so many nice recipes on this site im doing slimming world is there some recipes for that too...
Posted 2155 days ago
My son bought me a Slow cooker for Christmas. I am looking forward to trying it out, thanks for all your ideas.
Posted 2196 days ago
Hi Wally,

Keep the cooking times exactly the same regardless of quantity. Slow cooking relies on time over low heat to bring out the best in the food.
Posted 2196 days ago
Question: if you half the size of a recipe do you need to reduce the cooking time? i.e. instead of cooking for 4 - 6 cook for 2 - 3
Eloa Doner
Posted 2203 days ago
Thanks a lot Richie for your reply...I will begin using my slowcooker right away. Thanks again
Posted 2204 days ago
Hi Eloa, always keep the cooking time the same regardless of quantity. It will not overcook or dry out like other types of methods cooking. the secret of slowcooking is allowing time for the meat and juices to tenderise and that takes the same time regardless of quantity. Sometimes I cook small amounts in glass jars placed in the slow cooker.
Eloa Doner
Posted 2204 days ago
I have recipes for slow cook which are for 8/10 servings and may family is small (3 people). I can cut the recipes in half to serve my interest but I am not sure if I can cut the cooking time into half too. Does any one know? Can't find it anywhere in the www.
Posted 2214 days ago
Christmas recipes coming up including a Christmas pudding.
Posted 2214 days ago
lost my recipe for slow cooker christmas pudding - has anyone got a really good recipe I could asap as christmas is onlt 7 weeks away
Tim Sinclair
Posted 2251 days ago
Useful site - but does anyone answer the many questions posted here? If so, how do we find the answers?
Posted 2274 days ago
Just found this site and will be using it alot, recipes look so yummy
Posted 2374 days ago
Hi Richee,
Thanks very much ,that little bit of info has helped me a lot!
Posted 2375 days ago
Hi Linda,

The cooking time is always the same even if you half the quantity.
Posted 2375 days ago
I am new to slow cooker recipes; there is just two of us, if I cut the recipe in half does the cooking time need to be halved?
Posted 2401 days ago
i just bought my first slow cooker - is it possible to take the lazy option and use jar sauces eg: can i cook mince bolognaise using a jar of sauce and if so do i have to heat the sauce on a hob before adding to the slow cooker? - the manual says to use boiling water in recipes, not cold
Posted 2435 days ago
Hi Suetheplotter, 1 cup = 250mls
Posted 2435 days ago
Great site, thanks. Please advise, is a "cup" a cup, or some American measurement? Have I missed a section on measurements? About to try the chicken and potato supper dish in my new slow cooker.
Posted 2449 days ago
Have just bought my first slow cooker and found this site courtesy of google. WOW, some great tips and recipies on here. Will be using one of them tomoz. Watch this space.
Oh, by the way, andrea. Found this. although you have prob found your own by now, lol.
http://allrecipes.co.uk/recipe/99/ri ce-pudding--in-a-slow-cooker-.aspx
Posted 2460 days ago
Jeff-most of the recipes DO state how many they serve!!!!!!!!!!
Posted 2488 days ago
does anyone have a recipe for a whole chicken pot roast or just ordinary roast in a slow cooker?
Posted 2519 days ago
None of the recipes on this site say how many servings they are for?
Posted 2520 days ago
Anyone have any recipes to use up my left over xmas meat? I have lots of beef and lamb left but need some inspiration to turn it into another gorgeous meal...we're all a bit fed up of roast dinners, sarnies and curry :) This is a great site!
Posted 2551 days ago
had my slow cooker quite a while and been using it lots lately,leg of lamb is beautiful cooked on low all night stuffed with rosemary.seared first to seal in flavour half fill with water chunky cut root vegetables and a desesrt spoon of mint jelly,lid on and leave all night,meat is done so perfect the bone is easily removed,glad ive found this site,anyone got a rice pudding recipe please?
Posted 2809 days ago
Bought my slow cooker a couple of weeks back and am using it today for the third time. Curry recipe that came with the cooker is beautiful. Tried the hunters chicken off here, it was ok-quite dry tasting sauce but will adapt it with a bbq sauce for next time. Am being brave today and doing a filopino recipe-adobo chicken in the slow cooker even though its not a slow cooker recipe. Fingers crossed. Great site
Posted 2813 days ago
Just bought a slow cooker. Very basic model. Tried a slow cook beef and onion stew. Delicious. Will try other recipes on this site.
Posted 2829 days ago
Very helpful information for a new beginner with a slow cooker.

Slow Cooker Recipes

Adapting Recipes for Slow Cookers

Adapting Recipes for Slow Cookers

Many websites and recipe books provide great ideas for what foods to make in your slow cooker. However, you can also adapt some of your favourite recipes to your new appliance. The biggest change you will want to make to an existing recipe is the amount of liquid used. Since slow cookers retain liquid better than an open pot, you can usually reduce the amount called for by up to half. Also, the cooking time will obviously be longer when using a slow cooker. The best way to know how long a dish will take is to find a similar slow cooker version of your recipe.

Take it Slow

Slow cookers are, naturally, slow. However, you can try to lessen a dish’s cooking time if you are in a bind. A general rule of thumb is that high heat settings cook food roughly twice as quickly as low heat settings. For dishes like soups and stews, the higher heat should not cause too much harm to your recipe. However, you will want to be careful when trying to speed up desserts or larger meat dishes, like roasts. Another option is to find a recipe that lets you do part of the cooking on the stove or in the oven prior to adding ingredients to the crock pot. This can help you create a tasty meal in less time.


General Slow Cooker Tips

  • 1 hour on HIGH is equal to two hours on LOW.
  • The LOW setting is about 77C, and the HIGH setting is about 88-93C. Note that both of these temps are well above the minimum safe temperature of 60C.
  • Only fill the slow cooker one half to two thirds full. The foods will not cook properly if the appliance is filled to the brim. If the food and liquid level is lower, the foods will cook too quickly.
  • Foods cooked on the bottom of the slow cooker cook faster and will be moister because they are immersed in the simmering liquid.
  • Don't lift the lid to stir, especially if you are cooking on the low setting. Each time you lift the lid, enough heat will escape that the cooking time should be extended by 20 minutes to half an hour.

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